The iPhone X might be hitting markets in about 13 countries and North Korea is one of them. This will be taking place on November 24 and the pricey yet highly anticipated device will within a period of about two weeks have been launched in the 13 additional countries.

The device will be launched in Turkey, Serbia, Thailand, South Africa, Montenegro, Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo, Cambodia, Malaysia and Macedonia. The city of Macau is also anticipating it and rumors have been circulating that Israel might be getting it on November 23 which is a day earlier.

Sources indicate that Apple hadn’t yet given a head-up to the various telcos before moving ahead to disclose the launch date.The 256GB model in Korea was priced at 1.63 million  and it goes without saying that this was definitely the highest-priced iPhone in the country. It went at a lower rate in the U.S.

It was on November 3 that the iPhone 8 was launched in Korea but one thing that has been very clear is the fact that the sales have been relatively low and that is according to a stement by the local telco officials. A number of reasons have been cited in the course of time with some people purporting that it culminates from the fact that a lot of people had been anticipating the iPhone X.

The demand for the iPhone X has been staggering at the very least and that was clear from the long queues outside of Apple’s retail stores globally. This is a scenario that hasn’t been witnessed for over quite a long period of time. Analysts have been looking into the matter in more closely and most of them have said that it might have resulted from the remarkable features associated with the device and great performance as well.

John Donovan, a top executive working with AT&T while speaking to CNBC asserted that the iPhone X sales had remained strong all along. He opined, “All the signs are that customers love it. It’s probably the most highly-anticipated version… and demand has been strong. So we’re pleased.”