AT&T is facing allegations of overcharging of services according to investigations conducted by CBS News.

Reports according to investigations

The investigations revealed more than 4,000 complaints against DirecTV and AT&T which are related to promotions, deals as well as overcharging recorded in the past two years. According to the investigations, clients who wanted to opt out of their contracts, were forced to incur early termination charges and were not allowed to file any lawsuits.

Complaints from customers

Gary Raia had signed up for an AT&T promotion on internet and DirecTV for about a $100 per month for two years. When the first bill came in July, it was double the amount. His complaint to AT&T bore no fruits.

He says, “Every month you open up your envelope and you go, ‘OK, what’s the surprise this month?’” He adds that on checking the internet, the special offer $99.99 but months later he is still incurring higher costs. The company is cheating people.

AT&T stated that they honor their terms of promotions to the letter. Gary is just one of the many aggrieved customers. The customers stated that once they air their complaints to the company, they are given excuse including that the offer expired and once it’s gone it’s gone.

Some are told that the pricing they were initially given was because they were new customers and such prices are only applicable to new customers to the services. The prices are changed without warning the customers who get shocked when they receive bills beyond their expectations.

Word from the legal representatives

Paul Bland a lawyer specializing in consumer law stated, “There’s nothing they’re going to be able to do for you.” The company stated that its services are faster and also cheaper for the consumers. But according to CBS News investigations, in the overall approximately 150 million customers, only about 18 went forward through arbitration in the last two years for small claims.

Thus it turns out that the company is licensed to steal. According to Mr. Bland, when a large organization has many consumers coming forward and stating that they felt like they were a bait and switched, they were promised one thing and then got a quite different thing altogether. Customers could claim a class-action lawsuit only that AT&T give a contract that forbids any lawsuits.