Ariana Grande has recently launched her debut fragrance ARI. She is interacting with media for promoting her new fragrance brand; however, her justification on the doughnut fiasco is drawing more attention. She launched her fragrance at Macy’s Herald Square in New York City with Ricky Alvarez and Frankie J.

About the debut fragrance
The launch was a usual tried and tested method of naming the perfume. As described, the fragrance is more like the “young love,” instead of “teen spirit.” At the launch, Ariana Grande performed at “Wheel of Musical Impressions.” Also, she imitated some of the famous singers like Celine Dion and Britney Spears. The performers were dressed in the hues of purple and white in order to match the new livery of the scent.

While talking to the show called, “Good Morning America,” Ariana described her debut fragrance as something that is “really sweet.” She said that the scent is a mix of raspberry and marshmallow. She added that her fragrance is “quite yummy.”

Apologizes for doughnut controversy
Ariana Grande was caught on camera licking doughnuts at a store in California around two months ago. She was accompanied by Ricky Alvarez. She did not just lick the doughnuts on the counter, but also passed offending remarks against the weight of Americans. However, apologizing on the incident, she said that she had disappointed the people who loved her and also that she learnt a lot from it. She added that the doughnut incident taught her how words could lead to ramifications.
She accepted that the fiasco was her mistake and also apologized to the nation for it. Later she added that she did not hate America and that she would act more responsible. This is not the first time that the pop singer is apologizing for the doughnut drama as she has time and again given justifications at her concerts.