It was on Thursday that Argentina’s navy came out to make its statement. It asserted that it had come to an end it is search for survivors among the 44 sailors aboard a submarine which went missing about 15 days ago. However, it has gone ahead to disclose that a multinational operation will be deployed to move ahead in searching for the vessel.

It will be an exercise of futility trying to look for more survivors. That is considering that fact that the experts said that the crew had only been served with oxygen to last it 7 to 10 days under the sea.

The navy in another statement disclosed that it had detected an explosion near the time and place where the ARA San Juan last made contact with the shore and that was back in Nov. 15. Enrique Balbi , the Navy spokesman affirmed that the rescue mission had exceeded what they have laid out in line with their rescue missions. In fact, the time had almost doubled.

He stated, “We’ve had 28 ships, nine aircraft, 4,000 people involved, 18 countries supporting. “Despite the magnitude of these efforts, we’ve been unable to find the submarine. This search is no longer considered a rescue mission, but the hunt would go on for the missing sub.”

Upon receiving the news quite a significant number of the crew relatives broke down in tears. The father of 27-year-old crew member Alejandro Tagliapietra, Luis Tagliapietra, said to a local TV that the incident was rather cruel to him. He said that each passing day was a grueling experience for him and that he was completely destroyed.

According to the Navy reports, it is believed that the captain of the vessel had given a report that water had entered the snorkel causing one of the submarine’s batteries to short circuit.

Later on, he got in touch through a satellite phone disclosing that the problem had been contained and thus there was no cause for alarm. No one could have guessed what ensued later on! It was an incident that left many surprised with the lives lost.