An application for a patent which seeks to demonstrate how a backlight on mobile gadgets can be used as a runner safety tool or party accessory has been filed by Apple. Filed four months ago, the patent has since then been published.

The patent’s filing says that the light transmitted by a mobile device such as an iPhone can be configured with playlists and consequently the light level will vary depending on the music track being played. With regards to acting as a runner safety tool, the filing demonstrates that this can be helpful to joggers since it can alert motorists or pedestrians. In the patent’s application, the device is strapped to the arm of the runner.

Poor light conditions

“The computing device has a light source configured to output a beacon light effect that alerts others to the presence of the user of the computing device when the user is in low light or no light conditions,” the patent reads.

However a patent does not necessarily mean that Apple will develop such a technology as some patents just lie unused.

The publication of Apple’s patent comes a few days before the Cupertino, California-based tech giant holds a launch event at the Steve Jobs Theater located at its new campus. Expected to be launched in a new iPhone as well as other gadgets and updates.

Smart speaker

Having unveiled its smart speaker, HomePod, earlier in June during the World Wide Developer’s Conference, Apple is likely to give the precise date when the Siri-powered device will be shipping. An update could also be announced.

The world’s biggest company by market capitalization is also likely to unveil a new Apple TV. Leaks suggest that the new device may offer 4K streaming in high definition. This is with a view to gaining a larger market share as the device is currently in fourth place in the United States among similar gadgets.

Speculation has also been rife that Apple will release a new smartwatch which will work independently of the iPhone since it will have its own cellular connection. Besides the smartwatch, the smart speaker and Apple TV the most anticipated device will be the next version of the iPhone.