Apple is looking for a new executive to lead the company’s original content drive. Unconfirmed reports are pointing at former HBO executive as being in the company’s radar. According to the source, Apple executive held a meeting with HBO’s former president of programming Michael Lombardo earlier this year in discussions that centered around Apple’s efforts in original programming.

Although the company has not formally announced its plans, it is reportedly looking for its own programming executive and many believe that the company’s meeting Lombardo is an indication of his potential candidature.

Previously, Lombardo worked at HBO as head of programming, a position he held for eight years. He stepped down from the position last year.  His appointment will prove to the Hollywood industry that Apple means business as far as producing original content is concerned. The company’s push into producing original content has only led to a few acquisitions including the acquisition of TV series Carpool Karaoke. It was previously reported that the company is partnering with Dr. Dre, a rapper and music producer in producing “semi-autobiographical” drama miniseries.

For a long time, Apple’s plan to produce original content has always amounted to mere rumors. However, the company’s CEO Tim Cook early this year gave a hint suggesting that the company will be exploring a major media acquisition.  The company has a the financial capability which implies that a huge deal could be in the making but the CEO said the company has just put the “toes in the water” as far as original content is concerned. Past reports have indicated of the company’s plans to buy Time Warner or even Netflix.

The company has however maintained producing its own shows and films. A move by apple to produce its own content will definitely be seen as a threat to other Silicon Valley and Hollywood players like Amazon, Netflix and Hulu. The possibility of this kind of competition is however far from certain especially after Apple gave Amazon Prime the go ahead to stream its content on the Apple TV set-top boxes. This could indicate a possible partnership of Apple with other content producers.