Apple is developing a new retail concept which is aimed at having clients visit their stores to acquire new skills instead of them coming only when they need to fix or buy something.

About the project

The project which is set to begin on Tuesday allows people to sign up for free classes which include a photography session called ‘Seeing Beauty in the Familiar’ conducted by photographer Chris Ozer and a music session called ‘Producing Music on the iPhone’ conducted by the producer Steve Ozer.

The programming session labeled ‘Today at Apple’ and it is going live during this week in the 271 U.S. Apple stores as well as their overall 495 stores.

The project is part of the new initiative dubbed ‘Today at Apple’. It’s being led by Angela Ahrendts the chief retail at Apple. The main objective is to create a connection with the current as well the potential customers when they are searching for a new Macbook or touring the Genius Bar due to their iPhone screen shattering.

Bid to maintain traffic to the stores

The new reinvention arrives at a time when all retailers are seeking for new ways to increase or maintain the traffic to their stores as more purchasing goes online. Most retailers are reallocating the existing footage to adopt the in-store experiences.

Apple with their new project is a step ahead of their competitors who are still designing methods to keep traffic flowing to their stores. The new project is expected to attract customers to the Apple Stores just to have a glimpse of the products offered by the giant tech company.

Other projects by Apple

Previously, Apple-sponsored free ‘how to’ sessions which equipped beginners with the how-to skills for their products as well as the apps. The sessions are expected to continue under the new program of ‘Today at Apple’ banner as explained by a spokesman from Apple. However, the content has been modified and redesigned.

The other new classes will be in relation to coding, design skills, and even art. There will be also Tuesday night sessions which will be specifically for trainers.