Eric Billingsley, the director of internet services operations at Apple has left the company. Billingsley was in charge of the data center infrastructure, a vital area for the company. He previously worked at eBay and Google before joining Apple in 2013 and has led the operations team for internet services including the iCloud Drive document storage service which directly competes with Dropbox and Microsoft’s OneDrive services.

Some close sources to the company reported that Billingsley old team members are currently reporting to Patrice Gautier, the engineering vice president but Apple has declined to comment on the subject.

According to the reports, Gautier is likely to take over the iCloud infrastructure since he is already responsible for other services such as Siri. According to the latest news from CNBC, Apple’s data infrastructure has been experiencing some challenges for several past months.

At the moment, Apple is relying heavily on the Amazon’s Web Services and Microsoft Azure to operate its backend services, but with Billingsley departure, the company may be forced to move on from the external services and focus on its own ‘Project McQueen’ backend service.

The new project was first announced last year when Apple was trying to develop its own data backend so as to cut down on the reliance on other companies. However, McQueen is just one of the company’s infrastructure endeavours; there are six more infrastructure projects in the pipeline.

Although Smartphone such as iPhones brings in huge revenues more than any other product at Apple, the internet services are increasingly becoming vital and the company cannot abandon the services. With the increasing demands for effective and efficient communication services, Apple will be forced to search for the available options to ensure that the iCloud instrusture is well managed.

Last year, Apple started appreciating the importance of its iPhone business and its overall revenues slipped for the first time in several years. Tim Cook, the CEO of the company stated at one time that their company has reached the level of a Fortune 100 company, a milestone that they didn’t expect to attain soon.