Apple is expanding its reach into the fitness industry through GymKit which allows users to connect their Apple Watch devices with cardio machines.

The software and tech company made the debut of GymKit as an Apple Watch feature in July this year at its WWDC keynote but the first roll out has just taken place months later.  However, it is currently only available at one gym in North America and that is the Life Time Athletic which is located in New York. However, Apple plans to roll it out to more gyms in the future so that it will be available to more Apple Watch owners.

Apple;s GymKit will also be available in 14 new locations that Life Time plans to open next year and also in upcoming Equinox clubs. These gyms use equipment made by companies such as Star Trac, Schwinn Fitness, StairMaster, Life Fitness, and TechnoGym. These companies combined make roughly 80 percent of the cardio equipment in the world.

Apple is the first tech company to come up with a solution that allows third-party connectivity with cardio equipment such as a treadmill. Apple’s GymKit is designed to allow the Apple Watch to communicate back and forth with the gym equipment when they are paired. Apple has also made sure that connecting the two is as easy as possible.

Users can only need to tap the small Apple Watch Logo located at the bottom right corner. This button will bring up a guide on how GymKit works but for easy connectivity, users can just tap the Apple Watch on the NFC strip. Once connected, the Apple Watch can display fitness data taken from the treadmill while the display on the treadmill can also display data from the Apple Watch. Fitness data will also be sent to the user’s iPhone through the Apple Watch.

“This sharing of data between the two devices marks just the first step in what Apple expects will be a broad use case for its GymKit technology,” stated a report on the matter.

This might just be the beginning of a possible future where third-party apps will be connected or integrated into the system so that users can share data with coaches and trainers.