After a two-year absence on Amazon, Apple TV is now back on the virtual shelves of the online retail giant. Currently the Apple TV 4K which costs $199 is listed on the online retailer’s website as being available for sale.

This is an indication that the app of Amazon’s video streaming service, Prime Video, is about to be made available on Apple TV. Earlier in the year during the WWDC event, Apple’s chief executive officer Tim Cook revealed that Apple TV hardware would offer support to Amazon’s video streaming service.

Fire TV

It is understood that Amazon had avoided stocking Apple TVs and developing a video app for the hardware in a bid to prevent the cannibalization of its Fire TV product. And because there was no Amazon Prime Video app for Apple TV, customers of Amazon Prime had to get around this by using Fire TVs or Roku. There was also the option of using AirPlay available on Apple’s devices to project onto a television set content from Amazon Prime Video.

At the time the chief executive officer of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, argued that the e-commerce giant wanted customers on its loyalty program to watch Prime videos on hardware devices which had been sold on its platform. Third parties on the e-commerce platform had also been banned from selling the hardware device. Apple TV was, however, not alone in getting banned as the same was applied to Google Chromecast.

Generation two and above

According to Amazon the video app of the online retail giant will be available on particular versions of Apple TV and not all. Generation one of Apple TV will not get the video app but all other generations of the streaming hardware device will support the app.

“You asked (a lot). We listened. Amazon Prime Video is coming to the TV App and all Apple TVs this year,” Amazon had tweeted earlier in the year.

While the exact date of the availability of the app has not been revealed, various reports indicate that the development of the app has been completed and is could be released in time for Thursday Night NFL games’ debut on Amazon Prime Video.