Two brothers from Naples recently came to the realization that “Steve Jobs” as a name hadn’t been used anywhere as a trade mark. That was the reason that made the two settle on it towards establishing their brand. The brothers have spend a number of years working in numerous fashion design companies and they have been looking forward to making it in big in business. However, Apple hasn’t been very easy on them.

The two brothers, Giacomo Barbato and Vincenzo in a recent interview put it straight that it had consumed them a lot of time looking up for an attention-grabbing name. Arriving at the new trademark was a matter that gave them immense joy and at the moment they are figuring out what to do with the name after they won the legal battle against Apple.

The registration of the trademark for Steve Jobs was something they undertook back in 2012.One would have hoped they would borrow pretty much, but they are not yet up to taking up much inspiration from Jobs’ signature black turtleneck and jeans.

It has been quite a trying time for Giacomo Barbato and Vincenzo since the legal department representing Apple has been at their neck for quite a while waging strong legal battles against them. The team send out four large folders of legal documents to the brothers but matters did do play according to plan after the court dismissed the companies claims and vindicating the two fashion experts.

Barbato said, “in August 2014, the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market, official organ of the European Union, issued its ruling with a bold line: ‘The opposition is rejected in its entirety.”

The two brothers recently disclosed that they had made great headway in business taking immense pride in the fact that they had succeeded in the launch of several of accessories and clothing under the names though at the moment the legal battles still seem to be raging even more strongly. It is clear for anyone that has been following closely on the matter to discover that indeed Apple has been trying its level bets to get even with them.