Apple reported to making artificial sweat for testing its products that are in contact with the skin.

A test for allergy reactions from the wearable

These products include Apple Watch and other wearable devices. Electronic devices may contain some materials which some people maybe allergic to including nickel, mostly found in alloys such as stainless steel.

Apple test the rate which nickel transfers from the metallic parts of the wearable devices to sweat. This happens by the company placing the Apple Watch straps in a jar filled with artificial sweat that has been made and then it simulates the human body temperature.

The samples are then monitored to make sure that nickel, other allergens as well as irritants stay intact. The information was released during the company’s annual Environmental Responsibility Report.

Test for other products

The company also puts to test other products which come into direct contact with the human body. According to the report, “We analyze materials that someone might out in their mouth to make sure they’re safe.” Items that can be chewed include Apple Pencil. However, the U.S. tech giant declined from disclosing how exactly they go about it or if they make artificial saliva to use during the testing procedures.

 The company stated that they evaluate their products after they have gone through extensive reliability testing. This is to ensure that the products are safe for customers to use after many years of exposure in different environments.

Apple’s impact on the environment

Other news disclosed in the annual Environmental Responsibility Report include Apple Recycling Program in a bid to save the environment. The company instead on its commitment in supporting its customers as well protecting the environment in the whole product lifecycle.

This recycling program makes it easy for its customers to safely and in an affordable way recycled the used computers, iPods or even the mobile phones. The company provides a variety of ways in which users can recycle old computers.

It encourages recycling through rewarding the customers whose computers qualify for the company’s Computer Reuse and Recycling program, users are rewarded with an Apple Gift Card equal to the value of the old system.