Apple is in trouble with Beijing’s internet regulators.

Apple summoned by Chinese authorities

According to the state news agency, Xinhua, authorities in Beijing announced that they are planning to summon Apple in order to urge it to “tighten up checks” on the apps available in the App Store. The reports indicated that the law enforcement officials in the Chinese capital had met with Apple’s representatives earlier on to examine the live streaming apps in Apps store.

The meetings are part of a crackdown on the live streaming platforms which is a joint venture between the Beijing Cyberspace Administration, Cultural Market Administration Law Enforcement Team and Public Security Bureau. The report did not specify when the meeting is expected to happen.

This scrutiny is the most recent example of interference by the Chinese authorities on what Apple is offering its citizens. Apple representatives were not available for comments.

China is the biggest market for Apple products

In January Apple conceited to complying with the Chinese request to pull down the New York Times News apps from the App store to products sold in China. China is the key market for Apple products. The company is still trying to increase the sales of their services and apps in China, this is despite decreasing iPhone sales in the country and increasing competition from local smart phones manufacturers in the country.

However, the company’s effort faced a great set back when Chinese regulators blocked Apple’s iTunes Movies services and iBooks from selling in the country.

What caused the summon?

According to Xinhua, the summons came after it came to the notice of Beijing regulators that three Chinese websites which are availed on the App store, had gone against internet regulations outlined about live streaming. The regulators found out that users were broadcasting prohibited materials on their platforms.

The regulators took effect as from last year. It forbids users against live streaming contents that is capable of endangering the national security as well compromising the social stability. The fast growing live streaming market in China produced revenues worth about 30 billion yuan (about US$4.36 billion) during last year.