Apple has over the years remained keen on maintaining its business relevance in the market and this time it is considering updating its stores around the globe. If everything moves according to plan, it will soon have succeeded in redesigning the stores and it will be counting on Jony Ive’s leadership in a great way.

By November 24 the new Apple Store in Chadstone will be launched and it will be the perfect replacement for the older retail location in the same city. This one is much larger than the old store and it goes without saying that the company is making a major headway towards business success.

At the moment, the store is shrouded in black cloth but that won’t bar the interested parties from seeing the wide array of the unusual features coming along with the new Apple Store redesigns.This includes an enormous TV screen, real trees and organic window displays amongst the tables and benches of Apple products. The company intends to use the native ficus trees for its Australian store.

Chadstone happens to be one of the 22 Apple Stores located in Australia and the first to debut the redesigned style in this particular zone. Angela Ahrendts, who happens to be the Apple SVP opined, “We’re thrilled to open Apple Chadstone in a stunning new location and introduce Australians to our latest store design. We look forward to continuing to build on our 22 stores in Australia.”

Quite a significant section of the architectural features associated with the new Apple Stores are reflected in the company’s dramatic new campus, Apple Park. Just like the rest of the revamped ‘town square’ locations, the store comprises of a Boardroom area and a Genius Bar for entrepreneurs to meet.

The move to make the expansion has been praised by top business analysts who believe that the company is rising to become one of the most vibrant ones globally. He proceeded to say that they are also looking forward to unveil a new device soon which will be moving at a higher price than the iPhone X.