It is no secret, that large brand name smartphone manufacturers, consistently struggle with software and hardware efforts regarding batteries, Apple is no exception to this, and Samsung is a prime example.

However, despite the hopes of many, that the new software upgrade in the iOS platform, would aid in rectifying some of the visual issues, which have become recurring problems, the opposite has happened, with the release of the new platform, seemingly new problems have accompanied the release.

More about the software problems over the different platforms

The first, and biggest issue, with the new platform, was originally discovered in the iOS 10.1.0 and 10.1.1 platforms. The issue itself was a bug, regarding the visual display of battery life. The only exception to this bug was allegedly the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

The bug itself is the phone will report having up to 30 percent battery life available, leaving consumers believing that they have time before they require to charge their device. However, with this percentage, the phone will suddenly die.

Apple has acknowledged this problem in their devices, which is the reason that many hoped the company would have released a patch in the new iOS platform, in order to rectify the bug. However, reports are coming in, which bode ill for the new platform.

Why iOS 10.2.1 was not what consumers expected from Apple

However, instead of Apple enthusiasts getting their prayers answered, with solutions for the bug. It appears that the new platform has just made matters worse. For example, the new visual bug is a stagnant battery life.

According to those who have reported this issue, their battery will remain at a certain percentage, despite high-battery consummation applications being run, then it will randomly ticker down, in different amounts of percentage life.

Furthermore, devices which were previously immune to this visual bug, regarding the battery, have now been exposed, through the release of the new platform upgrade, which is causing a major brand issue on behalf of the social media giant.