Qualcomm filed a lawsuit against Apple earlier this year but the CEO of the chip manufacturer Steve Mollenkopf has revealed that the two parties are seeking to end it in an out of court settlement.

Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf recently revealed to Fortune that both Apple and Qualcomm are looking to end the legal battle by settling the patent dispute out of the courtroom. Mollenkopf was speaking at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference which was held on Sunday, revealing that the two companies were looking to settle the matter outside the court.

“There’s not really anything new going on. Those things tend to get to resolved out of court and there’s no reason why I wouldn’t expect that to be the case here,” stated Mollenkopf.

Mollenkopf made a similar statement in February this year, stating that he did not expect a public battle between his firm and the iPhone maker. However, things took a turn for the worse as things intensified. It appears that the two firms have been unable to avoid the nasty legal implications of their legal battle.

The Qualcomm CEO stated during the interview that his company is still open to ending the lawsuit in a settlement. However, it is still too early to determine the direction of the case. It could still drag on indefinitely if they fail to strike a settlement deal. The patent battle between the two companies started in January after Qualcomm was accused by the FTC of anti-competitive patent practices. Apple filed a lawsuit a few days later accusing the chip maker of charging unfair royalties.

Qualcomm later filed a lawsuit accusing Apple of patent infringement. The lawsuit targeted the iPhone maker for allegedly halting royalty payments to contract for phone patents that are owned by Qualcomm. These are the same patents that had raised contention between the two. Apple is said to have stopped paying royalties especially for devices that were sold during the first quarter of 2017. Hopefully, both firms will come to an agreement that will finally bring the feud to an end. The two companies will most likely continue to work together in the future.