DigiTimes in its most recent statement outlined that the pre-orders for Apple’s iPhone X smartphone in regions such as Taiwan, Singapore and the U.S has been falling short of expectations.

Apple is looking forward to prep three new smartphones for 2018 and that is according to a report given by DigiTimes. Rumors regarding the new models have been ongoing for quite some time .That brings into question most of the sources DigiTimes has been relying upon when it comes to obtaining information. Those sources reveal that the models for next year will be a form of reaction to the weak performance that was associated with iPhone X.

The most interesting part is the fact that DigiTimes exudes confidence in the assertion that Apple may in the course of next year consider adjusting pricing for iPhone devices in early 2018.A lot of people have been asking questions in the quest to strike a much better understanding as to why Apple chose to do that. Others need to know what it means for Apple’s iPhone business.

To gain a much better understanding regarding the matters requires that one first of all finds out the reason as to why a large number of companies at times resort to cutting prices. The first reason is usually that they want boost demand. But it is of great essence that most of the investors come to terms with the fact that iPhone revenue is a function of two factors: iPhone average selling prices and iPhone unit shipments

The company’s spokesperson opined, “If Apple is thinking about cutting iPhone pricing, then the company probably thinks it can grow iPhone unit shipments by enough to more than exceed to loss of revenue, as well as per-unit gross profit margin, from the price reduction.”

To most of the people that appears like a rather reasonable strategy. It was in the course of this particular year that Apple proceeded to unveil its new iPhones and one thing that was quite notable was the fact that it succeeded at capturing the significant early demand. This is a common phenomenon for most of the company’s devices.