The iPhone 8 has new features. The reliable source, MobileFun has leaked the information about the Apple’s redesigned product three months before its projected release. The same firm is also linked to the previous leaks on the company products including the Galaxy S8 (in January) and iPhone 7 (in June 2016) designs. The rumors usually come three months before the official launch of the products.

MobileFun could be a significant whistle-blower for other partners in the industry to get ready with necessary accessories in a time of the launch of the product. The company is notorious for spreading rumors early enough before anyone else gets the information. Currently, Apple iPhone 8 may not be in the retail display yet but its cases and other protective accessories are already in the market.

The MobileFun has long designed 10 different iPhone 8 cases ready for pre-order in the US. The cases have been developed and produced by Olixar. The case design discloses the type of the upcoming smartphone. The latest iPhone from Apple is expected to have all the new features that will make it stand out from the rest in the market.

According to other reports from the Goldman Sachs, Apple’s iPhone 8 will be the most expensive product in that line. The company estimates the product to be valued from $ 1,000. The price would be the highest amount charged on the iPhones.

The reason behind the high prices could be that the product has incurred huge costs to design and develop. Therefore, the company must recover its costs from the sales. Also, the new product has unique features that attract a certain class of people.

Apple is renowned for high prices. The company does not shy from raising the prices of its unique products. For instance, at one time, Apple dramatically increased the retail prices of MacBook Pro a move that brought too much controversy across the entire IT industry. With the latest generation and customer loyalty to the company products and services, Apple will continue charging its products expensively and it always gets it right.