Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) finally launched the watchOS 2 after solving the bug issues that delayed the launch.

The new smartwatch operating system is the first update provided by the company for the Apple Watch. It was initially supposed to be launched last week but according to the notice provided, a bug was detected during the development. The report stated that the bug was taking longer to fix than the developers had anticipated, thus the delay. The initial launch was expected to be held on September 16.

As per the updated OS itself, it takes up a mere 500 MB. Apple has made a significant step forward because, unlike the previous Apple Watch OS, the WatchOS 2 supports native apps, contrary to apps that have to pair with the iPhone for maximum functionality. This is good news for developers because they can now offer maximum integration for the watch as a wearable device as well as improving the performance of the watch.

Some of the new independent features include tetherless WIFI and Facetime voice calls. The independent third-party apps can now display notifications and function through WIFI connectivity. Digital Touch, Siri, and Maps have also been upgraded. Mail has also received a boost and the watch connectivity with iPhone will now be faster. The overall interface has been tweaked to look brighter and smoother.

Apple has also introduced some new features such as the Time Travel feature that lets users scroll backward or forward using the digital crown. Despite the improvements, the overall feel of the Apple Watch is very similar to that of the original OS. Apple had recently announced that it will launch two new anondized aluminum color options for the watch, rose, or yellow gold to match the new iPhone 6S and 6S+. The base price will be set at around $349/$399 for the sports edition. As for the market, Apple reported that the demand for the watch has been rising. The company is preparing new shipments to more countries.