A research firm called CreditSights has reported that Apple Inc issued 2-year fixed- and floating-rate notes. The company accumulated a total of $5 billion in an offering and it said to have been one fewer tranche in relation to the $7 billion deal which the provider completed in May.

Deutsche Bank, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs were the main underwriters in the deal. The proceedings emanating from the deal were earmarked for dividend payments and for the share buybacks.

Apple has in several instances borrowed funds from bond market. It was targeting funding its massive shareholder return program. That is contrary to the expectations of many who thought the company was out to repatriate the cash held oversees which would be subject to a 35% corporate tax rate.

President Donald is clearly showing his support. Recently, he made a pledge that he would set up a tax holiday in a bid to encourage the various U.S companies with huge oversees cash piles to channel the money back home. But the same way it usually goes for most of his policy proposals, it stalled. Republicans continue striving to overhaul work and health care on promised tax reform.

Apple is one of the companies that boast of having the largest cash pile oversees. The figure currently stands at $230 billion and that is according to Moody’s Investors Service. In 2012, the provider made the move to borrow in the bond market and since then its bond debt load has expanded from zero to almost $96.6 billion. That was specifically in the month of July.

Apple remains pretty reliant on the strength of the iPhone, which accounted for almost 63% of sales over the last one year. The company made an announcement regarding the 10th anniversary launch event for the device.

This company will be remembered for a long time as one of the best performing in the industry. However, one of the top officials working with it admitted that from time to time they have gone through some rough patches. It is currently looking forward to implementing new changes that will help it maintain its position in business.