Apple has just launched a Machine Learning Journal platform, the first of its kind that would enable users to access the research papers it’s undertaking in various areas. The move is an unusual step for the company, which has maintained top secret about its research and upcoming products.

The new blog is basically focused on the machine learning studies and sharing of the company’s research findings with the world. Today, machine learning has become a catchword for many companies including Google and Microsoft that have openly shared their research findings. Apple could be sending signals that they too are not left behind the new trend in the industry.

Apple’s new site has an introductory post that invites readers to obtain more information on the studies. It also inspires machine learning scientists, students, engineers, developers and other experts in various fields to send their questions and comments to the Apple team for individualized feedback. The website has added an email address where people can closely interact with the company for quick responses and feedback.

The first post on the site reveals how the Apple trains neural networks to comprehend the images and objects. The paper gives several highlights on how the company relies on synthetically developed images to teach the machine learning systems, instead of building huge and costly libraries of images.

The findings show how the new research has tried to use the cheaper and faster technique for training machine system that reveals images that are close to real ones. The research finding on the artificial intelligence program is a new initiative for Apple.

It’s also fascinating to learn that the original paper was first published on arXiv. The version on Apple has similar results but the language is a bit simplified. The company has also included GIFs to demonstrate the findings.

Furthermore, there’s a link that leads to the job openings at the company, which unveils Apple’s plans to access potential engineers for their products. However, some people have criticized Apple’s move stating that the pioneer companies such as Google and Amazon are more proficient in the machine learning field.