Ming-Chi Kuo is highly respected for being the best Apple analyst around the globe. This time around he strikes again with the revelation that Apple will be making a massive cancellation to its new iPhones set to be unveiled next year.

The Touch ID fingerprint sensor is adored by customers but that won’t stop Apple from abandoning it. Sources familiar with the matter indicate that it won’t be featuring in any of the next generation of iPhones.

If all moves according to plan, the Face ID might soon be replacing the Touch ID according to Kuo’s projections. It is indeed exciting to a lot of users, but at the same time it is a polarizing facial recognition technology and is expected to debut in the upcoming iPhone X.

Kuo refers to iPhone X as a top end device with a competitive advantage via differentiation. According to him, it might take a number of years before the Android-based rivals match it.

It goes without saying that it is indeed a monumental gamble for Apple, especially before Face ID has makes its way into the market. Most probably, it might be proving rather controversial for some reasons.

Some people from time to time make claims that it has the ability to work the same way a Touch ID operates. However, there are some instances when unlocking ones phone by looking at it isn’t the most subtle or convenient thing to do. In fact, the finger print could prove more convenient at times.

The company’s spokesperson opined, “Face ID should not be used by identical twins. Meanwhile is it better or worse that a thief needs your face or your finger to unlock your iPhone when stealing it?”

Face ID happens to be an extremely interesting technology and the iPhone X is set to win hearts based on the fact that it bears remarkable features. A large number of users love the speed and accuracy associated with Face ID. Some of them are even unable to distinguish its operations from that of the Touch ID.