Despite its challenges, Apples has always stood out as the one company that has remained dedicated to manufacturing products that in a major way change the way people work and live. This may serve as the perfect explanation behind the cult following associated with it.

In a showcasing of its operations, it has come up with a graphical user interface for modern computers, the iPhone and the iPod. The other thing is about the television and entertainment programming.

Earlier on, even before the death of Steve Jobs, a number of Apple executives were already coming to the limelight to speak in regard to TV entertainment. According to them, Tv entertainment is a matter that needed a wholesale reinvention and it goes without saying that they hoped Apple would be the company to do so.

The passage of time is indeed witnessing America’s entertainment experiencing reinvention in a major way. However, Apple is seemingly talking a back-seat in this particular regard.

Quite a significant number of the U.S. households have in the recent past ditched cable TV in a major way. Morgan Stanley outlines that many people are binge-watching movies and TV shows on Hulu and Netflix. However, they have not been sitting through commercials.

As a matter of fact some amateurs on YouTube have been coming up with videos that have been evidently more popular when brought into close comparison with the traditional TV series. People in and out of Hollywood have been working tirelessly in an effort to create a leeway for people to screen new movies at home. This would save them the trouble of having to trek to the multiplex.

A number of experts assert that it is indeed clear for anyone to see that the evolution is a significant one. Pop culture is being shaken in a major way and there is a general shift in the manner in which diapers and cars are being marketed in the recent times.

Government policy is the other area that is getting affected in an immense way. Apple has been termed a fringe player in all of this. It is a shocker that the provider even after its many years of business operation doesn’t seem to have a clear vision of what it wants to do in entertainment.