Apples is looking forward to a quick uptake of its LCDs and in a statement it revealed that it could exceed some of OLED’s advantages at minimal costs. The display maker has expressed its interest in the purchase of the advanced liquid-crystal displays from Japan Display Inc for a number of iPhones next year.

People familiar with the matter have agreed to the point that technology has life in spite of the huge competition that is posed by the newer type of display. Japan Display refers to the advanced displays as Full Active.

In the previous month, it said that they accounted for about 70% of the business in panels for smartphones. In a regulatory filing, Japan Display outlined that Apple accounted for almost 54% of its revenue.

The chief of Japan Display’s mobile unit, Kazutaka Nagaoka while attending a news conference on Tuesday was asked about the customers for the Full Active displays. He said that Xiaomi Inc and other Chinese handset makers were their main customers. Journalists tried to push him to crack up regarding the company’s clients coming from the rest of the regions. Unfortunately, he declined to make any comments in that direction.

Individuals at companies that work with Japan Display purported that interest about Full Active LCDs largely emanated from Apple. It is the reason the display maker predicted a rapid uptake for the Full Active LCDs. When Apple was contacted for comments it declined to say anything.

A lot of people think that it is pretty early to determine what kind of iPhones Apple is set to unveil in the coming year. The other thing will be a consideration of the displays to be used. Typically, the provider intends to make plans prior to the launch of the future iPhone models. The ramping up of the manufacturing process will come along with major changes in terms of the associated components and features.

The company’s spokesperson opined, “Apple can be a boon for suppliers because it makes more than 200 million iPhones a year, but when it changes components, it can send shares of its suppliers tumbling.”