Apple has expanded the universal search feature on Apple TV to include more partners such as BBC America, Oxygen, Classix and CBC among others.

The new expansion of the search feature is courtesy of new partners from the U.S, Canada, and other countries. The options that have been added to the Universal Search feature will be country specific. This means that the universal search feature will work for the options that are supported in a user’s country and not for those that are supported in other countries. The U.S has the highest Apple TV listings despite the new additions.

“Apple has expanded universal search options for film and TV on standard Apple TV and Apple TV 4K,” wrote The Verge.

The newly included partners from Canada include Treehouse, FXNOW Canada, ICI, CBC TV, and Classix among others. Viaplay has been included for Norway and Sweden while SBS listings, Tenplay and 9Now have been added to Australia’s list. Apple Music search has also been expanded to more countries including Japan, Canada, Australia and a few other European countries.

The new expansion of the universal search feature on Apple TV means users will be able to get access to content from these apps using Siri. This means they can use the digital assistant to bring up content from any of the apps that have benefited from the expansion in the respective country. This means search results for movies and TV shows will have results from more streaming services. Users have to install the apps in order for this feature to work.

The fact that Apple is now including more countries is great news considering that the software and tech giant has previously been criticized for being too exclusive with the U.S and ignoring other countries. The new additions also come just a few weeks after the launch of the new Apple TV 4K set-top box which features faster processing capability, support for ultra HD resolution and high dynamic range (HDR). The tech giant might benefit from more sales of the Apple TV boxes courtesy of the newly added features since it will become more appealing to potential customers.