The new iPhone X is the latest invention by Apple. It is slowly helping the company to win over more customers around the globe. The most amazing thing about the tenth-anniversary iPhone by Apple is the fact that it has done away with the iconic home button. The gadget has been fitted with a nearly all-screen design.

In the history of iPhone manufacture, there has never been another that featured the OLED display rather than an LCD display. The iPhone X is a major representation of just how fast technology has been cutting across the globe and the phone company is confident that it will be able to maintain its relevance in the market.

The fact that the iPhone X sports the newer screen technology is making it a rather popular device. The best part about the OLED screens is that they will be in total alignment with the upcoming iPhone design shift.

But the question that has been popping up constantly has been on why Apple has chosen to forget about working closely with Samsung Display, which happens to be its current display supplier. There have been a series of misconceptions along the way with a section of people taking the strong standpoint that it might all be about display panel quality or technology.

The reality is that Apple has currently developed great mistrust with Samsung Display. It is harboring fears that it might steal its idea and hand them to its long time rival, Samsung electronics.

Apple’s history with Samsung is not as good as is always the case with most of the business partners. It was back in 2011 that Apple went to court to sue Samsung over claims that it was stealing its software. It also made claims that Samsung had been infringing its patents.

Apple’s spokesperson opined, “A new type of OLED display will play a major role in the near future in the most radical iPhone redesign the world has ever seen. But these exciting new screens apparently will not be supplied by Samsung Display.”