The arrival of Apple’s new iMac PCs is no longer a speculation. According to Digitimes, iMac 2017 will be available around the third quarter of this year. The iPhone maker had earlier acknowledged of a fundamental design flaw, which may have delayed the release of the device. However, the company’s Marketing chief Phil Schiller emphasized on their commitment to have professional devices that would be envy to their loyalists.

Apple’s all-in-one ((AIO) desktop flagship is already very popular among professional users and the redesigning of iMac is also expected to adopt the same popularity. Furthermore, it is likely to be a pro-system of high performance according to software Chief Craig Federighi John Gruber

There will be a couple of iMac 2017 models in the pipeline

Digitimes explains that Apple’s efforts are concentrated on among other devices, two versions of iMacs; 21.5-inch and 27-inch which will be manufactured by Quanta Computers. The presume iMac Pros will feature the likes of Intel’s Xeon E3-1285 v6 processor, 2TB of NVMe SSD storage as well as 16GB to 64GB of ECC RAM.

Further rumor has it that the desktop will sport the latest discrete graphics card. The high-tech ECC RAM is said to have the capabilities of identifying and correcting data alteration. Apparently, Apple is not interested in touch screen iMac. Schiller explains that a majority of their customers are particular about performance, storage, and expandability. He outlines that these are the differentiators of iMac Pro from Surface Studio.

Will iMac Pros satisfy the needs and demands of Apple’s professional user base?

Apple has a huge professional user base; thanks to its competitive products. However, there is a feeling of neglect among them and particularly on Mac Pro updates. The situation has raised a lot of eyebrows and questions of how Apple is planning to meet the demands of its professional user base.

Nonetheless, hopes of having the new iMac Pros entice and attract the professionals remain high as Federighi confirms that everything else has been taken care of.