Apple is not in alignment with explanation provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding the aftermath of the Texas gunman’s attack which took place lasts Sunday. The attack led to the loss of about 26 lives and many more sustained injuries.

Devin P. Kelley, one of the deceased according to reports was carrying an iPhone which was suspected to bear sensitive information regarding the shooting.

The FBI has laid blame on Apple though it did not mention it by name. Christopher Combs, the FBI special agent has moved ahead to blame the industry standard encryption outlining that it barred the  law enforcement from gaining access to contents of devices owned by the mass shooters. He added that they were doing all within their means to get into the phone and obtain the needed information.

However, a new report has indicated that the FBI had not asked Apple for any form of assistance during the critical 48-hour window. The body believed that Kelley’s fingerprint was what was required in unlocking the iPhone equipped with Touch ID.

A top FBI official disclosed that Apple had promised to co-operate with them. However, he proceeded to say that they did not need Apple’s assistance considering that a number of experts in the bureau’s crime lab  were making a determination on whether there was another working mechanism of accessing the data.

It is pretty clear that the FBI is apparently playing fast and loose with the facts regarding the timeline. The objective is to try and drum up support in order to weaken the tech industry encryption.FBI and Apple got involved in a top end profile showdown last year and the body is said to have retreated from a court battle after the company paid $1 million to a third-party company to assist it bypass that specific device’s encryption.

One of the top officials working with the FBI stated, “A federal court ruled in late September that the FBI did not have to disclose how much it paid for the exploit, the name of the vendor who supplied it, or any other information about how exactly it broke into Farook’s iPhone.”