The children’s toy startup company Seedling recently launched a new product, ‘Parker the Bear’, an Apple store teddy bear that uses the iOS augmented reality components. Parker will now not need the normal batteries, cameras, or Wi-Fi radios to interact with the user but instead, it will use the Apple’s free Augmented Reality (AR) app for playing sessions.

Parker will now have a doctor’s kit, a backpack, and special X-ray bibs to signal the AR responses in the related Seedling app. It’s retailing for $59.95 in the market and it’s sold exclusively from the Children will have an opportunity to diagnose the common ailments using a thermometer and stethoscope to help them cure Parker with a bottle and spoon to administer medicine.

For several months, Apple has been trying to enter into the AR and with the latest launch of the ARKit for developers and the iOS 11 for customers, there is also another AR product, a teddy bear, Parker. The teddy can be brought to life with the latest AR app connected to the iPhone or iPad which allows the kids to learn and at the same time to play. Parker’s accessories together with the app enable the users to perform a checkup, help the bear take deeper breaths, learn its inner organs and carry out other tests on the teddy bear body such as lung capacity, stomach germs among others.

Every time the user administers treatment successfully solves a certain problem, or accomplishes a puzzle, Parker’s happiness factor increases, extracting unique AR effects. The new AR product is designed for children aged three years and above. In addition, Parker is regarded as a Steam toy meant to provide kids with new ways of learning about Science, Technology, Arts, Maths and other subjects. The bear also teaches users about basic biology.

Apple usually uses its retail store to attract groundbreaking startups for marketing new products. For instance, in 2013, Apple entered into a partnership with Anki to sell its robotics and iOS-linked remote control car set which was traded through both Apple website and brick-and-mortar Apple retail stores.