As the 2017 launch of the new generation iPhone draws near, there has been a rise in speculation amongst enthusiasts, about what to expect from the new iPhone. It should be noted here that the 2017 launch would mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. So far the speculation list includes a new larger display, which covers the entire phone front, with a virtualized home button, instead of a physical one. However, the latest addition is the introduction of a bright new red color for the iPhone. The latest speculation was generated by a Japanese Apple rumor blog, which has had a great track record for predictions, thus far.

Conventionally, Apple has been known to play it safe, when it comes to colors, keeping the iPhone lineup limited to just three colors. However, the color red is a strong possibility, given that the company does have a strong affinity towards the (RED) Charity, which has been raising money to battle AIDS. Moreover, the company has launched a few red colored products in the past, as a result of its partnership with the charity. The Japanese blog also revealed that Apple plans to continue with its strategy to introduce new generations in even numbered years. As such, the 2017 iPhone could very well be the iPhone 7S, instead of the much awaited iPhone 8.

In addition to this, the blog also dismissed rumors of a number of major changes happening this year. Contrary to industry speculation, wireless phone charging is still not included in the 2017 launch, while the A11 processor would be introduced, resulting in faster processing speeds. Although the Japanese blog does have a great track record, some industry experts believe that Apple could introduce three new iPhones in 2017. This includes the iPhone 7S, 7S Plus and the iPhone 8. Rumors also suggest that the new iPhone 8 might feature a curved screen, wrapped onto the sides of the device, much like Samsung’s OLED screens.