It is no secret, that thousands of refugees are flocking to the banner of western civilization countries, in order to escape the terror of living in regions, such as Afghanistan, or Iran. However, despite there being various treaties invoking the right of said refugees, it was recently announced that the United Kingdom will be sending a substantial number of said refugees home.

This comes as a shock to many, who have run from their home country, more certainly so with those who are not technically yet defined as adults. However, there is a valid reasoning behind the countries decision to decrease the number of refugees, to which it holds.

UK Deports Refugees and here is why

Following the repatriation deal, which was based between Afghanistan, and the European Union, various refugees were entitled to flee to the protection of countries, which are under the flag of the European Union.

However, in the United Kingdom alone, there has almost been a double-up percentage of citizens who have sought out the protection of the United Kingdom’s government. In 2015, it was estimated that this region was responsible for protecting roughly 1,337 asylum applicants.

In 2016, however, the country reported a total holding of over 2,690 applicants. However, only 35 percent of said applicants were granted the refuge that they were seeking. However, contradictory to this information, the home office entitled a rough 87 percent of Syrian applicants refuge in the country.

The reason behind the danger in Afghanistan and more about refuge assistants for its citizens

A United Nations report, stated, “Afghanistan remains one of the most dangerous, and most violent, crisis-ridden countries in the world. The continued deepening and geographic spread of the conflict have prompted an additional 13 percent of people in need of humanitarian assistance, in 2017 alone.”

Currently, there are over 1,500 refugees, who are forced to leave their homes each day. This has caused scaled migration statistics in almost all nations, mainly due to the terror of living in said country. However, despite this, the British Prime Minister has promised that she would be working on the deportation of said refugees as quickly as possible.