The official launch of Adr1ft might have come a few months late, but one thing is that it is set to rake in a lot of sales this weekend. Adam Orth’s well regarded Orbital Survival-simulator, is now readily available for all manner of players who treasure HTC Vive.

This launch-Oculus Rift Launch-exclusive had been scheduled in May; however, it was tactically delayed in order to build an exceptional experience that is only unique to HTC Vive-and the much touted motion controllers. As such, the game’s creators are all praise saying that it has been worth every effort, and with the Vive’s motion controls a lot has changed.


Orth’s, says that nothing much has changed with general control scheme of the game-especially, in regard to the menu navigation and the player body movements. What really bring in a new experience is the Vive’s  motion controls that operate with the precepts of object interaction. In other words, the balancing act of reaching out for specific objects in the game such as canisters, debris, collectibles, and others, while at the same time tuning your movement just makes the game stand a notch higher than the rest. This was said by game creators before it finally launches this coming weekend.

The Game

It puts emphasis on sitting and standing position, and of course the zero-gravity play adds an allure for gamers who like exceptional gaming ventures. If you prefer a casual play, then the game stands out head and shoulder with its gamepad control scheme.

It is important to note that the game is available on play station 4, too, and you don’t have to worry if you are not into VR.

Notable Games Available

There are a number of games that will be available, but will be offered at different price range. These include; Elite Dangerous, Subnatica, Monstrum, Universe Sandbox, and Tabletop Simulator. While these can be played without headset, the likes of Vanishing Realms, Pierhead Arcade, and Space Pirate Trainer, are exclusively tailored for headsets without which you can by no means play.