The absence of Donald Trump was evident at the Republican Party debate as it unfolded in a quieter and polite way. Moreover, as Senator Ted Cruz headed the final Presidential debate of the party, the whole process progressed predictably. In the absence of the bombastic billionaire, for the first time, the onstage politicians were not forced to talk into points and stump their speeches.

Rather there was a fluidity in their speech and expression which is usually absent in the presence of Donald Trump. Cruz expertly traded the questions from the Fox News moderators’ during the debate organized a day ahead of the Iowa caucuses. The session started with a question from the moderators regarding the absence of ‘the elephant’ Trump. A statement from Marco Rubio followed it who said that the 2016 Presidential campaign is not just about Donald Trump.

All through the evening, Cruz played the role of a front-runner because Trump chose not to attend the debate following his feud with the Fox News Channel, the host of the event. Sen. Marco Rubio (Florida) rival of Cruz said that the latter’s campaign was not true as his stand on the immigration topic is not clear.

Sen. Rand Paul (Kentucky) alleged Cruz was not authentic.

Keep Clinton out of the White House says, Cruz

The senator from Florida said that Trump was an entertaining guy and provides the greatest show on the planet. However, he stressed that the focus should be more on preventing Hillary Clinton from being elected.

Those who participated in the debate include Bush, Rubio, Ben Carson, John Kasich, Chris Christie, Rand Paul apart from Cruz. The frontrunner for the presidential election, Trump unexpectedly pulled out of the debate and declared that he was boycotting it because of his feud with the news channel.

But this did not stop the Republican candidate for presidential election. He instead gathered his supporters three miles from the debate venue at the Drake University and hosted an event termed ‘benefitting veterans’.