GUANGZHOU : August 7, 2015: Dinosaurs might be dead and extinct, but they are alive in the face of massive fossils found around the world today.

This is exemplified by recent incidents in China where many fossil dinosaur eggs are found or rather discovered.

But more astonishing is the fact that they are located in civilized areas where people live. These belong to Cretaceous Period.

All the fossils are considered as the country’s property to be preserved for future generations.

This consequent discovery of dinosaurs instigated the police interest, and they confiscated the eggs. The police took a total of 231 eggs from the concerned resident.

231 dinosaur eggs seized from home in China

Along with these eggs, a dinosaur skeleton was also found from the same house that was later stated to be belonging to Psittacosaurus class of dinosaurs that are a type of ceratopsian dinosaur that are extinct too.

China has been famous for discovering dinosaur eggs for ages now. There have been numerous discoveries finding these eggs belonging to different periods and genres of dinosaurs.

Heyuan, a place in China has been termed officially as the “hometown of the dinosaur” due to several such discoveries out there.

The museum of this city has been registered in the Guinness record for collection of more than 10,000 dinosaur eggs till date.