A number of the Volkswagen executives this weekend made the confirmation that the company was going to set up a version of the “I.D. Buzz” show car.  The mass production will help it generate more revenues.

Hopefully, it will be arriving at the U.S. dealers in 2022. That will of course be two years after the unveiling of VW’s first long-range electric vehicle. VW has asserted that an all-new, electric version of its iconic Microbus will by 2022 have reached the rest of China, U.S and Europe.

Back in January, VW resulted in quite a buzz after it first showcased the “I.D. Buzz Concept. This took place at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

As a matter of fact the manufacture of the vehicle was informed by inspiration emanating from the classic and fondly remembered VW Microbus. It had in place numerous features that were clearly for a show. A good example is the fact that while in the self driving mode it had a steering wheel that retracted into the dash.

It shouldn’t hit anyone by surprise that the I.D. Buzz show car’s futuristic dash will be successfully replaced by the more familiar VW interior by the time the production version comes into play in 2022.

The other thing is that the concept will bear quite some long wheelbase that will be almost 130 inches. That added to its flat floor-mounted battery will result into some quite roomy interior.

The thought among a number of the auto journalists at the Detroit show was the one that was guessed by quite a large number of people. They hoped that the I.D. Buzz would lead to the manufacture of a good vehicle for shuttle duty or ride-hailing. It would have the capacity to accommodate six adults in comfort.

The unveiled VW statement failed at clearly outlining the various specifics regarding what the production version would be like. Most probably, the VW has its thoughts set to witnessing the evolution of the self-driving technology as well as the trends in the cost of batteries.